Freys History

One of Stockholm's oldest brands

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From horse to Limousine Service to Hotel business

Freys Hotels have a rich history filled with exciting events and interesting stories. The hotels stem from one of the oldest transportation companies in Sweden, registered as early as 1896.

From horse and carriages to the very first automobiles on the streets of Stockholm, our history involves success, take-overs and expansions into several different areas of business.

Freys is one of Stockholm´s oldest brands. Our company name is derived from a horse that was, once upon a time, rather famous and, among numerous other feats, won the prestigious distance ride between Stockholm and Jönköping in 1895.

And what once began with carrying wealthy Stockholm residents by horse and carriage has, in modern times, flourished into a group of apartments intimate, personal hotels, a travel agency and the letting of apartments and houses. Needless to say, the transport component still remains.

Today we have three hotels in central Stockholm, Apartments and a house for long term stay, a health center, a travel agency and Limousine Service. And it will certainly be more through the years..

Opening of Freys Hotel 1986

Since Freys Hyrverk was well known in Stockholm, Freys Hotel was introduced as a hotel with their own limousines. Our current general manager Annika Tell was in charge of the hotel from the start.

Freys open Hotel Lilla Rådmannen 1997

Freys Hotel opens Hotel Lilla Rådmannen and create an extension of the original hotel on Bryggargatan. With 36 rooms and a fantastic roof terrace next to the main shopping street, Freys Hotel Lilla Rådmannen quickly becomes a very appreciated hotel.

Freys open Hotel Bakfickan 2009

In Februari 2009 Freys Hotel open yet another hotel, Hotel Bakfickan, a two star complement to our existing hotels. With a central location and the same familiar feeling from our existing hotels, the new hotel is a welcomed complement in Stockholm.