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    Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something!

Social Responsibility - CSR

We believe that as a company we have good opportunities to contribute to a better society. We want to try to do a little more for our environment. Our work therefore includes internal environmental work and also contributions to various social projects. We are environmentally certified via Green Key, which places high demands on our business and it also gives us the opportunity to place high demands on our suppliers and partners.
Read more about our environmental policy, here >>

At Freys Hotel we support the following organizations:

Ersta diakoni 

Ersta diakoni is a non-profit association that carries out healthcare, social work, education and research professionally and non-profit. All contributions, received from individuals and companies, make a huge difference for children, youths and elderly people. The money can help brighten their lives in a small way and provide them with little things and experiences that cannot be bought with the money Ersta receives from the county council.

Our popular teddy bears are sold for the benefit of Ersta diakoni. Read more about the cooperation and the history here >> 

Real Stars, Hotels Against Trafficking 

Is an independent non-profit organisation founded in 2010 by Malin Roux Johansson. The organisation strives to achieve a better world free from sex trafficking. Sex trafficking in hotels is a well-known problem in most countries. Hotels can address this human rights issue by being part of a solution. The staff get an education how to detect prostitution, we create routines for how to act and when to contact the police. We do make it visible at the hotel that we support for Fair Sex on the premises. All work is done in cooperation with Real Stars.

Freys Hotel is a proud sponsor of:

Stockholm SnipersSweden's largest HBTQ association that is open to everyone. Since the summer of 2006, the association has been active in several sports and has sections for men's football, women's football, floorball, bowling, athletics and volleyball. Several of the association's sections regularly participate in various LGBTQ competitions around the world with successful results. Sponsoring an association that chooses to include everyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin or age feels right for us at Freys Hotel. Freys has sponsored Stockholm Snipers men's football team since 2012.

This goes hand in hand with our philosophy. We respect each other and our differences. We are allowed to be unique and think freely, it is the mix of people who create the dynamics. Everything should be given room for people's differences and characteristics. At Freys Hotel we love the word DIFFERENT!