Welcome to Freys Hotels

I´m immensely happy and proud to have been given the opportunity to work with our amazing hotels, Freys Hotel and Freys Hotel Lilla Rådmannen. Two very personal hotels where I, alongside our staff, strive to always go the extra mile for our guests. Our personal service and attention to detail is evident in everything we do. We have many wonderful guests who stay with us regularly and it is our conversations with them that help us develop and improve our service.

An excellent example of this is when I four years ago had breakfast with a regular guest who told me about another hotel she had stayed at. She had checked in late one evening and when she entered her room and was feeling a bit lonely, she suddenly saw a little teddy bear. A teddy bear that was sitting there beaming at her, with a little tag around its neck that said 'Hug me if you want', and immediately she felt her heart warm.

Straight away, I said 'but that is exactly what Freys is about!! and she smiled. Now I know that she saw in my eyes that I would do it, that I would buy teddy bears. My friend Shirley and I went to Ikea and emptied an entire box of 300 teddy bears; the original teddy has been placed in the large glass cabinet on the conference floor of the hotel. When we were standing in line to pay at the till, many people came up to us and asked what we were going to do with all the teddy bears. We told them about our project, and many of them ended up helping us, as all the bears had to be loaded on to the belt and turned to face the cashier. What we wanted to do was to sell the teddy bears for the benefit of Ersta diakoni (a non profit organisation). We had previously donated money to Ersta diakoni when we were asked by our then interior decorator Wall to Wall whether we would like to sponsor a new kitchen for the shelter for women and children who find themselves in difficult circumstances.

 I felt that it was an important cause and since, we have continued working with Ersta diakoni, and I have visited all their operations and seen for myself what the money is used for. The donations are used in full for various operational activities. Another important aspect of our commitment is to make more people aware of the fact that there are many children, youths and elderly people here in Sweden who are in serious need of financial support to be able to develop a sense security, belonging and love. I have nothing against donating money abroad to people in need, but I don't want us to forget vulnerable people who live and work here in Sweden, those whom no one talks about. All contributions, received from individuals and companies, make a huge difference for children, youths and elderly people. The money can help brighten their lives in a small way and provide them with little things and experiences that cannot be bought with the money Ersta receives from the county council. It may be horses for the sexual abuse victims at Valåkers Farm, new toys for Ersta Hospice and new children's carts for the women and children's shelter, etc.

 My friends Eva and Shirley and some other enthusiasts tied different-coloured ribbons around the 300 teddy bears' necks. The teddy bears sold out quickly and, consequently, I had to find a supplier. We chose Anderberg Promotion, and we still buy our bears from them. They have guaranteed, in writing, that these teddy bears are not made by child workers and that the teddies' eyes are child-safe and cannot be loosened.

To date, we have sold close to 16,000 teddy bears and they have become an integral part of our brand. 
Who can resist a teddy bear?

Annika Tell
General Manager