Freys – History

Freys is one of Stockholm’s oldest brands, with a rich history speckled with exciting events and fascinating stories.

The Freys name comes from the wise, powerful horse Frey, who won the highly acclaimed, 320-kilometre endurance race between Stockholm and Jönköping in 1895.

At the end of the 19th century, Freys was a horse-and-carriage company for wealthy Stockholmers. In modern times, the company has flourished and now owns two family-run hotels in central Stockholm. We also have real estate, a travel agency, a restaurant and limousine services.

Freys Hotel today

Freys Hotel stands firmly among large hotel chains on Vasagatan. We’re right opposite the Arlanda Express, and just two minutes’ walk from Stockholm Central Station. We offer 127 individually designed hotel rooms and nine unique conference rooms.

Our sister hotel, Hotel Lilla Rådmannen, is on Rådmansgatan near the main shopping street of Drottninggatan. Hotel Lilla Rådmannen opened in 1999. With 62 individually furnished hotel rooms and nine conference rooms, this is a popular gem of a hotel.


Stallchef kapten Claes Hermansson och hästen Frey, Stockholm, Sweden 2019 Foto: Marielle Andersson Gueye.

Frey the horse

Frey the horse won the famous 320-kilometre race between Stockholm and Jönköping in 1895. Our company name, Freys, is taken from this wise, powerful old horse. Frey was famous, and his victory in the long-distance race was considered one of the greatest sporting achievements of its time.

Frey the Horse 2019

Now, many years later, we at Freys Hotel have the honour of sponsoring one of the horses for Sweden’s Royal Mounted Guards. Our sponsored horse is, of course, named Frey, and he will be with The Royal Mounted Guards for about 15 years, all being well. For us at Freys Hotel it feels like closing the circle, while it is also a natural progression in our success story.  You will be able to follow Frey and what he’s up to here on our website and on social media.


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